Cool Gifts For Guys

Cool Gifts for him

Cool gifts for guys… And Girls! Okay, I realise that I have named this post cool gifts for guys, however ladies can like cool gifts too, if there are any ladies that would like a FREE survival multi tool then please feel free to click the links below 🙂 Have you ever been out just doing your thing when something […]

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Air Force Special Forces

Belize Jungle river

Or should that be ‘Special Needs’ Forces as I am about to reveal a story to you that has only been revealed to my wife prior to today. Now just to make it clear after you read this you will realise I was most definitely was NOT Air Force Special Forces on this day. Yesterday we had a mini power-cut […]

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Admiral McRaven Commencement Speech

Admiral Mcraven

My recent post on the Will to Survive looked at a lot of the psychological aspects of survival. Well one bunch of people that most certainly do not just roll over and accept their fate are our countries Special Forces Operators and hence why I have a video of Admiral McRaven Commencement Speech. In this video he explains why these guys […]

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5 Most Important Survival Skills, #1 is Protection

The 5 most important survival skills – Why is protection so important? Protection is at the top of the PLWF flowchart and is the single most critical of the 5 most important survival skills that factor in your continued survival. Everything else is pointless if you end up dead within an hour due to the environment. When using the flowchart […]

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