About Dave

Who is Dave and why this website?

Hi my name is Dave and I am a military survival expert. I have fast approaching, 2 decades of Royal Air Force SERE experience and have taught aircrew and Special Forces from all 3 arms of the British Military and several foreign armed forces.

About Dave
About Dave

I have practical and applied knowledge in Desert, Jungle, Temperate, Coastal and Sea Survival as well as fast jet ejection drills and helicopter underwater escape training (the Dunker). I have several other unique skill-sets to draw upon such as search and rescue, conduct-after-capture, fieldcraft, survival planning, Joint Personnel Recovery, combat first aid, evasion, unarmed combat, psychology of survival, advanced driving and many other niche areas.

What is the website all about?

This website will contain hard hitting, unique and focussed survival training that really works; I am not Bear Grylls, I can survive in the real world, not just on TV! I have learned a lot over the length of my career, most of it the hard way through blood, sweat and the occasional tear on exercises and deployed operations around the world. There is no substitute for real life operations.

To that end, I want to impart my knowledge to normal people who want to know how to survive; for fun or to stay alive in all environments. There is a lot of information and survival kit available, very little of it is truly useful and is hopeless without education.

There are 2 things above all else that will keep you alive, knowledge and a will to survive. Both of these are deep within your head, weigh nothing, are always with you and they can never be left behind or trapped in a vehicle. It is my aim to develop both of these in you.

Why have I started a website about survival?

It all started when I was a young boy, my Dad was never one for the outdoors and consequently never taught or showed me how to do anything that was remotely ‘outdoorsy’. Fast forward 20 years when I became a father myself and often thought about how my children would grow up and whether they would be able to do simple things that were ‘core skills’ for children 100 years ago. Things like, catching animals, making fire or building a den; skills that the Playstation Generation just do not have any more.

This site is primarily my legacy to my wonderfully questioning kids and whomever else decides to drop by. So pull up a sandbag and listen to me pass on those essential skills that are such amazing fun and might just give you the knowledge to survive to tell the tale.


I fully intend to be as interactive as I can with varied content that will include images, video, how-to guides, downloadable documents, reviews and in the future, some online training courses. In between running survival courses, deployments, exercises and being a dad and husband, I will do my best to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

I love hearing your feedback and ideas as this website is about you, the reader; without your input then my labours are fruitless. So get E-mailing, follow me on social media and please comment on my posts. I hope to chat soon.