Cool Gifts For Guys

Cool gifts for guys… And Girls!

Okay, I realise that I have named this post cool gifts for guys, however ladies can like cool gifts too, if there are any ladies that would like a FREE survival multi tool then please feel free to click the links below 🙂

Have you ever been out just doing your thing when something annoying happens that you need a tool to fix but you don’t have your toolbox? This happens to me frustratingly frequently, things like wanting to open a beer and I have no bottle opener, I need to tighten a screw or slacken a bolt. Well now I have an option that is with me all the time in my wallet; a survival multi-tool. You can now be that guy that can fix anything and is always prepared.

What can it do?

It has the following in this tiny high quality stainless steel multi tool.

1. Can Opener
2. Knife Edge
3. Slotted/Flathead Screwdriver
4. Ruler
5. Bottle Cap Opener
6. 4 Position Wrench
7. Wingnut Wrench
8. Saw Blade
9. Direction Ancillary Indicator
10. 2 Position Wrench
11. Keychain/Lanyard Hole

Where do I get my FREE survival multi tool from?

The best survival tools are normally not the cheapest… This is one exception. This is a very quick post to basically tell you about an offer that are running.

They are giving away a brilliant FREE survival multi tool, yes FREE, you only pay S&H! I have bought 3 of these, one for the car, one for my wallet and one for my military survival pack! I have used it a lot, in fact the last time was last week when I used it to tighten my sons handlebars on his bike when we were out for a cycle in the country.

This tool is a must have and is small enough to EASILY fit in any wallet as it is conveniently slightly smaller than a credit card.

If you want one then you best be quick and order your free survival multi tool before its too late as it is a limited time offer!

Cool gifts for guys

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  • Cathy

    Hi Dave,

    What a cool tool. I saw something like this in Indiegogo as well but it doesn’t have up to 11 functions. I am just not sure if the knife edge would agree with the key chain feature. They don’t sound very safe together.

    Would you not accidentally cut yourself? Just curious, if you have used it yourself.

    • Dave


      I suppose you have a point about the knife edge however it is not razor sharpbut still able to cut you if you were not careful. I have used it several times and the longer I have it the more uses I tend to find, lol. If you look at the picture at the bottom of the page it actually has my web address etched onto it by a friend.

  • Fadhil

    Hi Dave,

    It is really good to have this kind of tool as we do not know when will something happen to us that we will need it.

    I’ve also encounter difficult situation many times when i am out of the house. There was one time when i went fishing and something happened to my fishing reel that needed a wrench to fix it. Sadly i did not have this kind of tool with me and i could not fix and used that fishing reel at that time.

    • Dave

      Those are exactly the kind of situations that I am on about, not big jobs but enough to screw up your day. I use mine all the time for little annoying things like that. They are a great little tool and mega versatile.

  • This tool is great and has a huge advantage over each of the tools separately: it stands in the palm of your hand! I’m not using these a lot but I can see how they can come in handy when I’m out for a trek in the forest. Like you mention, kid toys and equipment often need to be fixed. I love the idea and will head to their site and see how much it costs to deliver in Canada. Thanks!

  • This is a useful item to have! Enjoyed the page and your site presentation as well. Many survival sites focus on the negative while yours is pleasantly written.

    • Thanks Dancinscot,

      I view survival as a 100% positive thing that will keep you alive when it is your absolute worst day ever!

      Prepping is a niche that isn’t true survival, more being prepared for bad weather/natural disaster/martial law/alien invasion/zombie apocalypse etc etc. If all of the prep is swept away in flooding/hurricane/stolen etc then that’s when survival will keep you alive. It’s a subtle, but very significant difference.

      Preppers tend to focus on the negative sides of life and are by definition pessimistic 🙂

  • What a great tool and idea!! I think everyone wishes they had one of these at one time or another!

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