How Do You Store Pop-Up Camper For The Winter?

To store a pop-up camper for the winter, you will need to do a few things to prepare it. You will want to clean and dry the trailer thoroughly before storing it. You must also remove any perishable items from the camper, such as food and propane tanks. Cover the trailer with a tarp or weatherproof cover for storing in winter.

How Do You Store Pop-Up Camper For The Winter

By following these steps, you can be sure that your pop-up camper will be safe and protected from the elements during the winter months.

Use breathable cover:  You should use a breathable cover for your pop-up camper during storage. This will help prevent condensation from building up inside the trailer and causing mold or mildew to form.

Storing leveled may accumulate snow: One of the most important things you can do is ensure your camper is leveled correctly. If snow or ice accumulates on one side of the trailer, it could cause the camper to tip over.

You’ll also want to ensure that your camper’s windows and vents are closed and sealed to prevent heat from escaping. You may also want to invest in a good tarp to cover your trailer and protect it from the elements.

Use jack or blocks for tires:  You should use some form of support for your RV’s tires during storage. This will help to prevent them from becoming flat spots. You can do this by either using jack stands or blocks.

If you have a camper with brakes, set the parking brake: If your pop-up camper has brakes, it’s essential to set the parking brake before you begin to store it. This will help to prevent it from rolling while it’s in storage.

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Use mothballs: Mothballs are a great way to keep your pop-up camper smelling fresh and clean all winter long. All you have to do is place them around the perimeter of the trailer, and they’ll do their job.

Use a cover: A cover will protect your pop-up camper from the elements and help it stay clean. Make sure to get a body designed explicitly for pop-up campers and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation.

Use moisture-absorbing products: You can buy moisture-absorbing products like Damp Rid at most hardware stores. Place these in your camper to absorb any moisture that may be present.

Do not store it when the canvas is wet: Storing a pop-up camper for the winter with wet canvas can lead to mold and mildew growth. Be sure the canvas is completely dry before storing.

Clean the camper before storage: Thoroughly clean the exterior and interior of your pop-up camper. Wash the fabric, scrub the floors and wipe down all surfaces. Vacuum the carpets and upholstery. Inspect the seals and gaskets for cracks or leaks.

Store battery separately: If you have a pop-up camper with an attached battery, it’s essential to disconnect the battery and store it separately during the winter. This will help prolong the life of your battery and keep it from freezing.

Make sure Insects; rodents will not attack the camper: Use moth balls or fresh Cabernet wine in a sock as a deterrent. You could also use Bounce fabric softener sheets. Place these items throughout the camper, under cushions, in cabinets, etc. Be sure to seal up any cracks and openings where pests could enter.

Cover tires if possible:  If you have the space to store your RV under cover, this will protect your tires from cracking and weathering. Consider investing in tire covers specifically designed for RVs. If you can’t store your RV under cover, inspect your tires regularly and replace them as needed.

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Use RV antifreeze: This is a non-toxic propylene glycol-based solution that will protect your pipes from freezing. You can find this at most RV or hardware stores.

Keeping refrigerator door open: One way to prevent your RV refrigerator from freezing is to keep the door open a crack while in storage. This will allow air to circulate and keep the temperature inside steady. You can prop the door open with a small block of wood or another object.

Check the pop-up camper regularly: To ensure that your pop-up camper is in good condition for the next camping season, it’s essential to check it regularly throughout the winter. Look for any damage or signs of wear and tear, and make repairs as necessary.

Choose a secure location: Choose a location that is out of the way of traffic and away from trees. This is a great option to store your camper if you have an attached garage. If you do not have an attached garage, consider renting a storage unit for the winter months.

If possible, store the camper in a garage or shed to protect it from the elements. If you can’t keep it indoors, put the tarp over the trailer and secure it well.


How do I prepare my pop-up camper for storage?

To prepare your pop-up camper for storage, you’ll need to clean and dry the trailer, cover it with a tarp, and winterize the plumbing. You should also disconnect the battery and store it separately.


If you store the pop-up properly, you can keep your pop-up camper for the winter. This will help ensure that your trailer is in good condition when you take it out again in the spring. By taking the time to do this now, you can enjoy many years of use from your camper.

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