Survival Blog – why another one?

I asked myself the same question and struggled to think initially why would the world need another survival blog when there are plenty out there? Well after a few revisions and versions I came up with the following list.

There is a LOT of stupid, dangerous and bizarre advice out there.

There is a lot of advice out there online on other survival blogs, websites, TV, magazines, newspapers etc that is just plain wrong or dumb. I watched a well-known survival ‘expert’ squeeze water out of elephant dung to use as drinking water, REALLY??!! This frustrates me as this kind of ridiculous advice will lead to people who really need some skills to keep them alive suffering or dying.

I am a military survival expert.

I hate the term ‘expert’ that is given to a lot of people who actually have no clue about real survival. They have little background and/or formal training in survival skills; don’t get me wrong some of these people are knowledgeable, have written books or have their own survival blog or survival website. That does not automatically make you an expert!

I am an expert. I have taught SERE to the military and have a long track record in several challenging environments and have the added bonus of being able to teach all of these skills in a Non-Permissive environment i.e. on deployed operations and a single man, isolated behind enemy lines from friendly troops whilst being hunted down by enemy forces. That changes the dynamic and flavour of your survival toolkit; could you survive in this environment?

I have actually survived in the wild.

I have been on numerous survival exercises as a student, instructor (and for fun) I will teach you skills that I have learned over the years that have kept me alive; you haven’t been in a real life survival situation if you didn’t have to spoon and cuddle another man to stay warm

These skills will be no messing, proven and above all, relevant to your survival situation. The military mind-set I always taught to my numerous students was ensuring they could survive with what they were standing in at the time of their survival event. Whether that was a helicopter crash, vehicle blown up, separated from a patrol or compromised by the enemy. It’s no good having a rucksack filled with survival goodies if it’s now in the burning wreck of your 4×4… I will teach you all of those skills that kept me and my students alive; what better way to do it than a survival blog?

I have a huge passion for teaching and mentoring others.

The final and most important reason I wanted to put together a survival blog is because I have a huge passion for teaching and mentoring others. There is nothing more rewarding than watching someone ‘get’ a skill for the first time when they thought the task was impossible 5 minutes before hand. I take great pride in my students’ progress and development and that now means you too.

Part of the reason I am so passionate is that I worry about how many ‘life skills’ kids that are born today will have when they are parents. I want to address some of that by my survival blog and hopefully leave a legacy that my own kids can use when they have kids of their own.

I hope you enjoy my survival blog and please leave some comments as I want to know what you think, good or bad.

If you have any ideas or feedback then feel free to email me and please have a look around and see what else I have on my site.

Happy surviving